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This site hosts a Family Tree of the Booysen Family.

The tree does include information that has yet to be confirmed by a verifiable source so this tree should not be regarded as being fully researched and correct. Please note that you will get far better results if you search within the family tree if you are looking for family members.

Booysen Coat of ArmsBooysen Coat of Arms

The "Stamvader" of the Booysen family was born in Germany and arrived in South Africa in the mid 1600's. He was a resident of Stellenbosch and Drakenstein in the Cape. The genealogy of the family can also be traced back to other "stamvaders" including Pierre Joubert (Jaubert) and Jean Durand.

This family tree shows the family name as Booysen for all generations even though the name has been spelt differently by some generations of the family. One must remember that in the 1600's there was a large proportion of the population that could not read and write. This means that the spelling of names could be based on the pronunciation by an illiterate person.

Documents were hand written. Additional copies of documents were made by rewriting them by hand. Untidy and bad handwriting also resulted in spelling of names being different on different copies of the same document. For example Boy Booysen was recorded on the Muster roll of 1695 as Boy Boijsz van Baxend and on the one of 1702 as Boy Boyse. The following methods of spelling have also been noted: Booyze, Booyse and Booysens.

There are a number of interesting mysteries, scandals and rumours concerning the wider family. There are scandals of adultery with a future son in law, legal fights between father and son and murder. There is also some interbreeding with cousins getting married. The marriage of cousins was common in the days where distances were great and populations sparse.

There is also a possibility of a claim on some family property in France based on an inscription on a vase. See "Mystery No. 3" in the article written by K van der Berg Joubert and published in Familia (Familia vol. 19, no. 4, 1982, P. 85-89>

One wonders what other interesting stories and folk lore lie out there.