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Daniel Johannes Booysen/Dorothy Smith

I have been sent some information on a new branch of the Booysen family tree.

Daniel Johannes Booysen married to Dorothy Smith – no dates available. They had a son Dennis Booysen – born 5 October 1934. I need to find the parents of this D J Booysen

Johan Georg Booysen

I’m looking for family and relatives of my late grand father Johan Georg Booysen Born 21 October 1915. He was married to MagdaLena Johanna Booysen and they’ve stayed in Zeerust, Rietvlei. There children was Gerhardus Jacobus Booysen, Chris Booysen, Piet Booysen, Lien Booysen (nou pelser), Bets Booysen (Stevens) Frans Booysen en Johan Georg Booysen

Sidney John Booysen

Hi I have relatives by the name of Sidney John Booysen (late father), brother Eric John Booysen, brother Lynne Booysen. Do you have further info on the above Sidney etc.. My brothers live in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth respectively. tks

Wilhelmina Elizabeth Johanna Booysen

Andrew has sent an email looking for more information of the ancestors of Wilhelmina Elizabeth Johanna Booysen. He writes "she was born on 6 Mar 1892 in the Cape and married my grandfather Felix Harold Lavarack in Jo’burg in 1919. I have a note that her father was Ben but not sure if this is correct."

Is there anyone out there that can help?

Nicolaas Johannes Booysen

I have received information that there is a Nicolaas Johannes Booysen – son of Johannes Booysen (Bap 3 March 1737) and Elizabeth Haarhof (Baptised 16 February 1766) Apparently he was married to Anna Ingenessa (Angenessa) Scheepers.

I can find no other record confirming this child. Even Heese and Lombard do not record this child.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


We have a Wilhelmina Thuisina Lehman in our family tree. Lehman is not a common South African name but I am unable to trace any of her family.